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Who we are

MERA International better policy and decision-making

MERA International is an applied research firm based in Turkey using data to generate evidence for better policy and decision-making.

MERA was established in 2019 in response to the rising need for independent monitoring, evaluation, and research of humanitarian and development programs in remote-access and fragile settings.


MERA is now a well-established leading provider of M&E, research, capacity building, and data collection services for development and humanitarian programming in MENA region.

What we do

We provide professional services for your International organizations


We specialize in monitoring multi-sectoral and multi-year programs in hard-to-reach and complex areas.


MERA provides insightful, evidence-based evaluations services which empower our ..


MERA provides evidence-based research on humanitarian and development programming in fragile contexts.

Capacity Building

MERA offers capacity development services that cover a multitude of areas relevant to the humanitarian.

Recent News

We provide healthcare support for people in need  ..

MERA Starts Operations in MENA

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